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January 29 2010

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Paul Wagner, Manfred Kielnhofer
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Manfred Kielnhofer's Timeguards, the Foundation's newest arrivals, cut imposing figures in the Cass Sculpture Foundation's woodland setting. This sinister group evokes many genres, from fantasy to mythology and the gothic, as a result of their sombre, shrouded forms. These necromantic figures, based upon the ancient theme of the 'time guardian,' depict beings from another realm who, in ancient cultures and civilisations, would have been deemed responsible for paranormal goings-on.

The human form is central to Kielnhofer's artistic practice. He is preoccupied with the body's various forms and movements which he appropriates through a number of mediums, from canvas to installations and performance works. Kielnhofer's work has been exhibited throughout his native Austria and has featured in exhibitions in New York and Miami. Timeguards represents Kielnhofer's sculptural debut in the UK.

Cass Sculpture Foundation
Goodwood, nr. Chichester
West Sussex, PO18 0QP
United Kingdom

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I was visiting my guards.
They are freezing. 

Trip Tip: The Guardians of time in Steyregg Castle near Linz in Austria.

Best regards
Sculptor Manfred Kielnhofer

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